Branding at the Hollywood Bowl

Every off-season for the past decade, we’ve worked with the Los Angeles Philharmonic on a myriad of projects at the legendary Hollywood Bowl. Each successful collaboration has not only improved the theater-going experience; it has brought a common design language to the Bowl’s overall architecture and landscape.

So it was only natural that after completing the renovation of the box office plaza and entry gate, we should help with the branding of the T-shirts, tote bags, and shelving displays at the gift shop.  The Bowl already has a lengthy list of branding guidelines, primary among them the requisite use of the signature bandshell logo. In our brainstorming sessions, we played with the logo and typefaces in a variety of ways, including this homage to Pentagram’s Paula Scher, who created the iconic, typography-heavy look for New York’s Public Theater.


Several of our designs for shopping bags toyed with more abstract versions of the bandshell logo. This one used a more literal representation atop a bifurcated light and dark version that captures the experience of picnicking in the afternoon before an evening show.



Ultimately, the Bowl chose a classic version of the logo, in a bright color palette that  emphasizes the outdoor aspect of the brand. We used the same colors for perimeter and fixture signs. Atop snapshots of evenings past are captions like “Remember” or “Sing Along” that call to mind fond memories from previous visits.