Celebrating the Everyday with CALA and Art of Tea

At this point in the new year, we’re longingly recalling our resolutions of wellness. If you are like us, we have just the resolution for you — a resolution you can keep.

With our latest line, the CALA tea collection, you can treat yourself to moments in each day that are just for you. We’ve partnered with our friends at Art of Tea to select blends that pair the ritual of tea with the gift of wellness.

notNeutral products are designed to heighten the experiences we have with the objects we touch and use daily. Each object in the CALA tea collection is both beautiful and functional, but more than that, each item from teacup to teapot, has a character that will make you pick it up again and again.

Sometimes all we need is a moment of calm to re-center and bring clarity. This is a resolution we all should keep.




After the holidays, most of us need a vacation from vacation. Chill promises a momentary escape. Just close your eyes, sip, and breathe and Chill does the rest, promising to “ease your mind and spirit, melt away all of your worries and leave behind nothing but sheer euphoria.” We could definitely go for that. 




You are what you eat. Amidst our hectic schedules, as much as we try, we must admit it’s not always the picture of a healthful diet. Cleanse is a take on the classic detox tea — a way to reset and jumpstart your body’s cleansing process. Inspired by Ayurvedic or alternative medicine, this blend is “masterfully crafted to enhance clarity and balance from the inside out.”



Bright Eyed

When we hear the words “bright eyed” we normally think caffeine. But what if you could pep up with a caffeine free blend that refills your energy reserves and clears your mind? With Art of Tea’s Bright Eyed blend, you can. The turmeric gives your eyes a treat as well via the tea’s colorful copper hue.



Feel Better

Maybe you are momentarily off course because of a bad day or bad cold. Lift your mood. Feel Better puts you back on track with herbs and botanicals that promote wellness. As they say, “we all need something that makes us feel extra warm and fuzzy from time to time.”




If all else fails, soothe your body. The botanicals in this blend combine with a soothing aroma to provide soothing comfort and restorative balance.


Order any product from our CALA tea collection and get a sample of one of these Art of Tea Wellness blends with your order. While supplies last.